Is Jesus God? - Brother Imran (IREF)

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Is Jesus Christ God? Brother Imran (Founder and President of IREF Islamic Research & Educational Foundation, Hyderabad , India) Answers some of the most common question christians ask.He gives tips and advice on how to approach and give dawah to non muslims. The talk concludes with a Q & A session on various topics about Darwinism, atheism and dawah ______________________ ABOUT THE SPEAKER - Br. Imran, as is Mujtaba Hussain Siddiqui popularly known, at an age of about just 25 years became the Founder President of IREF - Islamic Research & Educational Foundation, Hyderabad , India , established in 1998 CE A born Muslim and Indian, he was a student of Public Administration, Political Science and History from Nizam College, Hyderabad, India. Was motivated for Islamic Da'wah, after visiting the legend of modern day Islamic Da'wah, Sheikh Ahmed Deedat [late], in Riyadh , KSA's hospital, in 1996 while Br. Imran was employed there in an American firm. Br. Imran then, left his job and returned back to his own country, India , for good and as a self learning student of Islam and comparative religion began his Islamic Da'wah Career . After about three years, in 2001 CE, Br. Imran was invited personally by another senior Islamic Da'yee, who is also said to be motivated by Sheikh Ahmed Deedat and is presently President of an International Da'wah Center in Mumbai , India , established since 1992 CE Mash'Allah! Br. Imran had since then, developed himself as a public speaker, conducting ...

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